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Baltimore Circuit Court

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Founded in the dawn of the new millennium, in February 2000, Rose Law Firm, LLC (RLF) embarked on a noble and ambitious journey. With a mission deeply rooted in the principles of justice and equity, RLF set out to extend a hand of skilled and impactful legal aid to the underserved communities of Baltimore and its surrounding areas. Nestled in the heart of the city, within the walls of the historic and esteemed Kickerbacker Building at 218 E. Lexington Street, RLF began to weave its legacy. This iconic building, a crucible of legal talent in Baltimore, served as the perfect backdrop for RLF's burgeoning commitment to championing the rights of the working class and those deprived of competent and effective legal representation.

From its inception, RLF was driven by a profound passion for the law and an unwavering commitment to justice. The firm's early focus was laser-targeted on pivotal legal service areas that resonated deeply with the needs of the underserved: tackling the complexities of employment discrimination, navigating the intricacies of immigration law, empowering small businesses and corporations, and delving into the dynamic realms of entertainment and civil litigation. RLF's approach was, and continues to be, characterized by a relentless pursuit of results, underpinned by a steadfast client-centric ethos. This philosophy not only catalyzed the firm's growth but also carved a niche for RLF as a vanguard in handling complex and nuanced employment discrimination cases.


With growth came evolution. In June 2008, RLF undertook a strategic relocation to the Court Square Building at 200 E. Lexington St., Ste 800. This venerable building, standing in the shadow of the prestigious Baltimore City Circuit Court, served as a fertile ground for some of the most distinguished attorneys and judges in Baltimore's history. RLF's progressive journey within the Court Square Building saw it expand to Suite 1305 in February 2016, a testament to its burgeoning capacity and increasing influence in the legal arena.


In the face of the unprecedented challenges wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, RLF demonstrated resilience and adaptability, relocating to 9134 Liberty Road, Randallstown, Maryland. This strategic move, born out of necessity, symbolized the firm's ability to rise from adversity, stronger and more determined to pursue its unwavering mission of providing access to top-tier legal services to those most in need.


Throughout its storied history, RLF's dedication to delivering effective, solution-oriented legal services has been the cornerstone of its success. The firm's tireless efforts have culminated in securing millions of dollars in damages and fees for its clients, a resounding affirmation of its commitment and expertise. As RLF continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing legal landscape, its heart remains steadfastly aligned with the community it serves - a community that forms the very foundation of its practice and the essence of its enduring legacy.

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George A. Rose, Esq.

​Attorney Rose is the managing attorney at Rose Law Firm.  Dejazmatch George was born in West Kingston Jamaica, West Indies, on December 6, 1962. In 1996 he migrated to the US at the advance age of 27 years in pursuit of education and a better way of life. With the Guiding Light and Teachings of Haile Selassie First, and the support of his Family, Dejazmatch George persevered through all odd to pursue the path of education for his life in America.  This pursuit, balanced with a high consciousness of morality, duty and service in the Cause of a Suffering Humanity, led Dejazmatch George to becoming an attorney in 1999 and establishing Rose Law Firm in 2000, in service to the legally underserved, and often Suffering Humanity.

Attorney Bonsu

​​Kwasi O. Bonsu, Esq.
After graduating law school in 2003, Attorney Bonsu clerked for Rose Law Firm.  In 2004 Attorney Bonsu was admitted to the Maryland Bar, and later that year, joined  the Law Offices of Gabriel J. Christian and Associates LLC, where he focused on personal injury and civil litigation. Over the years, Attorney Bonus maintained an Of-Counsel relationship with Rose Law Firm, on personal injury and entertainment law matters.  Attorney Bonsu currently represents and provides consultation for several entertainment clients in the DMV including filmmakers, recording artists, producers and record labels.


Paralegal staff
Fortunate Mohlala
Fortunate Mohlala is a Paralegal here at Rose Law Firm. She has an LLB degree in law from University of Johannesburg in South Africa , an LLM In International Commercial law from the same university, an LLM in Banking law from University of Pretoria, South Africa and completed her Practical Vocational training program at School for Legal Practice in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a sincere and dedicated Paralegal with a successful background in the delivery of exceptional work. She manages legal research, legal drafting, and legal administration. Fortunate is licensed to practice in South Africa.
Admin Assistant
Mukebezi Hanifah
Mukebezi Hanifah is an Admin Assistant here at Rose Law Firm. Highly motivated and driven individual with a passion for both fashion and law. With a diploma in fashion and design, she brings a unique blend of creativity and organizational skills to her role as an administrative assistant at Rose law firm. At 24 years old, Hanifah exhibits a strong work ethic and an ability to effectively manage multiple tasks like saving documents from clients, daily reminders on tasks to be done and more to ensure smooth operations within the firm. Her exceptional attention to detail and professional demeanor makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

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