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Employment Discrimination is illegal!

Attorney Rose has 20 years experience in representing employees in employment discrimination cases, including claims involving race, religion, sexual harassment, age, disability, national origin, retaliation, whistle-blower, defamation, negligent hiring, wrongful discharge and other related claims. Attorney Rose has also represented and provides legal services to small business with employment issues, including drafting employee handbooks, employment contract and litigation.

Attorney Rose has successfully represented hundreds of clients against major private and public employers including, Target Inc, Safeway Inc., Middle River Aircraft Systems, the VA, DC, City of Baltimore and other institutional giants.


If you believe you have suffered retaliation, harassment or discrimination on the job, the best thing to do is to talk with Attorney Rose, an experienced employment lawyer, right away. Attorney Rose will review the facts of your situation and assess how strong your claims are. If you decide to take action, Attorney Rose can help you negotiate a settlement with your employer, file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and file a lawsuit.


Please visit this page and Attorney Rose's iBlog to get weekly updated useful information (data and video) on  employment discrimination law, news, reviews, and useful pointers.

Attorney Rose


  • Document employment actions and decision you believe are illegal

  • Don't "beat around the bush" if or when you make a complaint or report about, discrimination, retaliation, harassment or 

  • Make sure your performance is satisfactory

  • Make sure you follow the employers policies and procedures

  • Make sure you have witnesses and documents to support your complaint or claims.


​Harassment is defined as offensive, unwelcome conduct, based on the victim's protected characteristic (such as sex or religion), that is so severe or pervasive that it affects the terms and conditions of employment. This might take the form of "quid pro quo" harassment, in which the victim's job opportunities are conditioned on putting up with the harassment. ("If you want that raise, you'll agree to go out with me.") Or, it might take the form of hostile environment harassment, in which the workplace is poisoned by biased comments, lewd behavior, and other inappropriate behavior.


Religious discrimination occurs when employees or applicants are treated differently because of their religious beliefs (or lack thereof). Favoritism -- by which an employer favors those who share his or her religious beliefs -- is also prohibited. And, employers are legally required to reasonably accommodate their employees' religious practices and beliefs, unless doing so would impose more than a minimal cost or burden on the business. 


Pregnancy discrimination is a form of sex discrimination, made illegal by Title VII. Employers may not discriminate against employees because of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions in any aspect of employment, from hiring to firing. 

Employers must treat pregnant employees who are temporarily unable to work due to pregnancy just as they treat other employees who are temporarily disabled -- no better and no worse. If an employer provides disability leave to employees with serious illnesses, for example, it must provide the same leave to an employee who is temporarily disabled by pregnancy. 

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